Applied Design

Modern Artifacts for Product & Brand Development

Blink'r :: IoT-in-a-Module

Customer and audience engagement scale up through physical, digital and personal alliances. Developing brand consistently into device packaging, marketing material and networking interactions for validation from potential users, customer and partners.
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Prototyping & Discovery

Working onsite, collaboratively and independently with a Medical Device Company building an experience to engage with potential users, customers and stakeholders. Producing individual objects for each participant to take home required testing, sourcing and project management in an environment finalizing technology. A majority of time was spent testing the device on user friendly materials. Concluding with18 identical packages, easily assembled for making more, the artifacts provide an opportunity to comfortably test the device regardless of environment.

Childhood Developmental Technologies at Tufts University

A robotic toy that carries out movements & gestures programed by kids; teaching sequencing skills from a young age, required sensor housings  for:
( Sound, Light and Distance ) & ( Light Bulb )
Each having a slight personalities for an educational, yet playful experience. Made and assembled onsite these sensors become a collaboration between imagination and purpose.

Tune-Bot by Overtone Labs

Brand & Product Personification

Focusing conceptualization and prototyping by collecting data produces quick and effective benchmarks. Using abstraction to extend the visual language of the product & brand by integrating use case specific values to deepen the connection between the object and the user.