Jason Lasser

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e.  jason@applieddsgn.com

Conceptualization: Prototyping / Fabrication, Sketching & Drawing, Critique & Research, Networking & Asking Questions, Brainstorming, Abstraction, Empathizing

Collaboration: Communication, Problem Solving & Learning, Motivation, Note Taking, Team Player, Leadership
Software: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, SolidWorks, Blender3D

Applied Design, Andover, MA

Founder, Design Consultant

Chronological order of Clients/Contracts 
2013 - Present 

Boston Engineering, Waltham, MA

Concept Designer

Produced Digital Drawings using Sketchbook Pro to visualize
 use-cases, environments and new product requirements.

GOT Interface, Waltham, MA
3D Animator

Communicated the advantages of using innovative touch display by producing animations in Blender3D for trade show demo.

GOT Interface, Waltham, MA

Production Designer

Improved the print quality of a graphic interface by producing a workable vector file in Adobe Illustrator for a multidisciplinary team. 

Seven Oaks Bio Systems, Pelham, NH

Industrial Designer

Constructed prototypes out of Leather, Wood, and Foam to demonstrate the functionality of a Medical Device for Investors.

Insulate Corporation - Omnipod, Billerica, MA

3D Animator 

Communicated product features between R&D, Marketing and Executives.  
Produced Animation Concepts in SolidWorks for Approval
Produced Final Animations in Blender3D

Start-Up | Masschallenge, Boston, MA

Industrial Designer 

Reduced development lag by producing & translating hand-drawings into SolidWorks Models for Prototyping, 3D Printing and User Validation.

Start-Up, Cambridge, MA

Industrial Designer

Provided data driven insights for styling of consumer drink bottle
Used hand-drawings & sketches to communicate and refine concept.
Produced SolidWorks Model for Blow Molded Manufacturing Process  

Overtone Labs - Tune-Bot, Lawrence, MA

Design Consultant

Minimized production cost and development time for packaging concept by producing exploratory hand-drawings on-site. 

Tufts University, Somerville, MA

Industrial Designer

Connected market insights and use-case concepts with hand-drawings.
Translated 2d drawings into SolidWorks model for prototyping & validation.

HISCOR3, Philadelphia, PA

Graphic Designer & 3D Animator

Improved brand recognition by providing Adobe Illustrator files for Logo & Brand Development, Advertisements and Merchandise.
Produced animated logo with Blender3D. 

Start-Up, Medford, MA

Industrial Designer
Lead Innovation Development -
Provided data driven discoveries for commercialization of bicycle attachment.
Used hand-drawings & sketches to communicate and refine concept.  

Overtone Labs - Tune-Bot, Lawrence, MA

Industrial Designer 

Improved ergonomics and style of electronic device for drummers.
Communicated user insight and product details with hand-drawings.
Translated 2D & 3D Sketches into SolidWorks for Injection Molded Production


Tufts University, Design Assistant
Collaborated with a team of Innovation students to refine business & product life-cycle.
Produced Mock-ups, Drawings, Renderings and Production Files to communicate, develop and construct MVP product.

Northeastern University, Workshop Designer
Lead a team of Innovation students through a design sprint.
Produced Concept Rendering with Student Requirements in SolidWorks

Co-Founder, Blink’r IoT-in-a-Module
Increased Brand Audience through Networking & Business Partnerships
Constructed Product and Engagement Solutions for Go to Market Strategy

Mass Innovation Night
Special Invite to Display Technology Startup- Audience Voted Selected Start-Up Speaker 

Voted to Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network Administrative Board 
Working with Alliance Team to Engage with Potential Partnerships 

Pratt Institute, Industrial Design Shop Technician 
Knowledge in Wood Working, Metal Fabrication, CNC Machines, 3d Printers, Hand & Power Tools, Vacuum Forming, Shop Procedures

Pratt Institute, Industrial Design Department Student Gallery
Multiple Works Selected for Exhibit 


Pratt Institute - Brooklyn, NY
Bachelors of Industrial Design with Minor History of Art & Design 

Pratt MWP - Utica, NY
Art Direction, Advertising and Graphic Design

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