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Amazon Choice Product 3 Years Running
Tune-Bot by Overtone Labs

Mass Innovation Night #98 Voters Choice Presenter
Blink'r IoT-in-a-Module

Voted to Administrative Board - Boston Entrepreneurs Network
September 2017 - Present

Applied Design Modern Artifacts for Product & Brand Development
Founder, Design Consultant ( 2014 - Present )
 - Minimize Development Lag
 - Improve Customer & Audience Engagement
 - Prioritize Data, Insights and Discoveries

Boston Engineering, Waltham, MA
Briefed by Director of Product Development : Responsible for Communicating Initial Concept & Direction through Sketches and Drawings

Northeastern University - Innovation Department
As Workshop Designer - Led Student Team through Critique, Development and Refinement Phases to Deepen Emotional & Tactile Connections

GOT Interface, Waltham, MA
Improved Audience Engagemen for Trade Show Event With Animated Product Video of Innovative Technology

Seven Oaks Bio Systems, Pelham, NH
Constructed Artifacts to Test Medical Device for Stakeholder Review

Blink'r IoT-in-a-Module, Cambridge, MA
Partnership : Responsible for Audience Engagement, Product Development and Branding for Internet of Things Device & Company

Insulate Corporation - Omnipod, Billerica, MA
Briefed by Project Management Consultant : Produced Product Animation Videos for Communicating through-out Internal Departments

Start-Up @ Masschallenge, Boston, MA
Developed Initial Technology and Brand Aesthetics of Construction Tool & Company

Overtone Labs - Tune-Bot, Lawrence MA
Improved Production Cost, Manufacturing Time and Aesthetics of Consumer Product Packaging.

Electrical Engineering Department - Tufts University, Somerville, MA
Working with a Graduate Student - and Senior Capstone Teams : Designed, Developed and Validated Educational Toys for Children

HISCOR3, Philadelphia, PA
Design and Developed Animated Logo for Live Theater Show

Start-Up, Medford, MA
Teamed with Entrepreneur : Responsible for the Conceptualization, Branding and Prototyping of Bicycle Attachment

Childhood Development Technology - Tufts University, Somerville, MA
Briefed by Project Manager : Designed, Developed and Produced Sequencing Robotic Toy for Childhood Development

Overtone Labs - Tune-Bot, Lawrence, MA
Improved the Aesthetics, Usability and Behavior of Consumer Device for Drummers to Tune Drums

Prototyping / Fabrication
Sketching & Drawing
Discovery, Critique & Research
Networking & Public Speaking
Asking Questions & Empathizing
Motivation & Leadership
Collaboration & Communication
Problem Solving & Learning

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
SolidWorks, Blender3D, Sketchbook Pro

Pratt Institute 2010 - 2013
Bachelors of Industrial Design ( BID )
Minor History of Art & Design

Pratt MWP 2008 - 2010
Art Direction, Advertising and Graphic Design

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