Jason Lasser

Key Skills: Craftsmanship, Interpersonal Communication, Strategic Problem Solving

General Skills: Prototyping / Fabrication, Sketching & Drawing, Critique & Research, Networking & Asking Questions, Brainstorming, Storytelling, Abstraction, Empathizing, Motivation, Verbal & Visual Communication, Leadership, TeamPlayer, 3D Modeling, Animation, Blender3D, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, SolidWorks


Industrial Designer & Design Consultant 

Myolex, Brookline, MA :: February 2019 - Present
Completed User, Customer, Competitive and Market Exploration to Uncover Unmet Medical & Consumer Needs. Construct Foam Models to Visualize and Validate Concepts. Produced Presentation Renderings to Secure additional Funding and Strategic Partners.

Boston Engineering, Waltham, MA :: May 2018
Mapped User Experience for Product Requirement Initiative. Responsible for Visualizing Use-cases through Drawing & Sketching. Produce Digital Drawing Showcasing Product in Action and Scenarios Using SketchbookPro

GOT Interface, Waltham, MA :: April - May 2018
Responsible for Communication the Advantages of Innovated Touch Display Technology. Translated a List of Features from Verbal to Visual Representation through storyboarding. Constructed a Looping Animation in Blender3d to use as a Trade Show Demo

Blink’r, Cambridge, MA :: June 2017 - January 2018
Identified Disconnect between Manufacturing Company and Potential Users & Customers. Reasonable for Go-to-Market Strategy, Branding, Strategic Partnerships and Manage Multidisciplinary Team. Increased Brand Audience - Built & Presented Pitch Decks to acquire Small Business and Corporate Partners - Produced Business Cards, Website, Product Packaging & Marketing Campaigns

GOT Interface, Waltham, MA :: February 2018
Constructed Vector File in Adobe Illustrator for Multidisciplinary team to Improve Print Quality of Human to Machine Interface.

Seven Oaks Bio Systems, Pelham, NH :: November - December 2017
Built an experience to demonstrate product functionality for Investor Presentation. Overcame Device Malfunctions. Constructed Investor Takeaways out of Leather, Wood and Foam.

Insulate Corporation - Omnipod, Billerica, MA - December - 2016
Visualized a List of Product Features using sketches and storyboards. Improved communication of product for a range of internal and external audiences by animating product features in Blender3d.

Start-Up | Masschallenge, Boston, MA :: May 2015
Along side a Mechanical Engineer Validate Product Functionality Prototype. Responsible for Visualizing Intended Use Case through Models and Drawings. Translated Hand Drawings into SolidWorks Model for Proof of Concept Prototype.

Start-Up, Cambridge, MA - September 2014
Provided data driven insights for styling. Used hand drawings, sketches and models to communicate and refine concept. Produce SolidWorks Model for Blow Molded manufacturing.

Overtone Labs - Tune-Bot, Lawrence, MA :: June 2014
Brainstorming with an Engineer, Minimize Production Cost and Improve Style. Produce exploratory sketches, hand-drawings and conceptual rendering for production team.

Tufts University, Somerville, MA :: December 2014
Responsible for the Conceptual Development and Prototyping of Sensor Enclosures. Connected market insights and use-cases with sketches, models and drawings. Translated drawings into SolidWorks Model for Rapid Prototyping and user validation.

HISCOR3, Philadelphia, PA :: September 2014

Improve Brand Recognition and Consistency by provided Adobe Illustrator files for Marketing Material. Animated logo with Blender3D to accompany theatre performance.

Start-Up, Medford, MA :: October 2013
Lead Innovation Development and Product Conceptual Direction using User, Customer and Market Insights. Provided data driven discoveries for commercialization using hand-drawings & sketches to communicate and refine concept. 

Overtone Labs - Tune-Bot, Lawrence, MA :: November 2013
Responsible for Improving Ergonomics an User Experience. Communicated user insight and product requirements with sketches, drawings and models. Translated 2D & 3D Sketches into SolidWorks Model for Injection Molded Production.


Tufts University, MSIM Program - Industrial Design Advisor :: 2018

  • Lead a team of students through a design sprint.

  • Provided Physical Prototypes to Develop Idea - Produced Concept Rendering in Blender3D

  • *Tufts University 100K Finalist

Administrative Board Member Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network :: 2017 - Present

  • Working with Alliance Team to Engage with Potential Partnerships


  • Woodworking, Sculpture, New Technology - ( Currently Learning Python3 )


Pratt Institute: Bachelors of Industrial Design with Minor History of Art & Design
Pratt MWP: Art Direction, Advertising and Graphic Design