Childhood Developmental Technologies at Tufts University

Product Design - Educational - Toy - Robotics


As the Industrial Designer working with Graduate Students, a Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, and Project Manager --

  • Design Solution for Small Volume Production and Built & Assembled On-site
  • Iterate Concepts to Match a Sensor with a Personality
  • Provide Ergonomic & Aesthetic Critiques

Collected Data on Childhood Developmental Technologies from Tufts University

  • Current Market is Flash Card Driven
  • When Teaching Sequencing it : Starts, First Step ... and it Ends

Artifact --

  • Assembled by non technical students. ( Self Tapping Screw + 3D Printed Part )
  • Each Sensor can be Grown & Customized with Additional Marketing Material ( Extended Back Stories )
  • Continue Abstraction for Improved Manufacturing and Production Cost